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A Brief History of Duluth GA | Bynum & Sons Plumbing, Inc.

The history of Duluth GA is steeped in local tradition. The City was incorporated as a new city in 1849 and it was known as the “Home of the Red Stick,” after a shoot of Red Stick Indians who were running from an assortment of trouble. It is said that these Indians were using the trees at the time for cover from wild boars, but the legend has it they also used the nearby trees to hide in and use them as a place to ambush unsuspecting travelers. In any event, the City was established and named after the chief of the Duluth tribe, afterward known as Chief Duluth.

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In addition to the Red Stick Indians, the area was home to some African slaves who were brought to Duluth by the Handicappers of the United States House of Representatives. The reason for their relocation was because the Mississippi River was only twelve miles wide at that point and there was no rail service to bring these people south. The slaves worked long hours, but they were very well cared for. They received all the help they needed and the area was virtually free of outside influences. As a result, the city is known as one of the least influenced and most civilized cities in the entire country.

This is a large town with a great deal of history. Duluth is a National Historic Landmark, and it was here that the world’s first cotton gin was constructed. It is also the birthplace of the composer of such songs as “Ofrenda” and “Duluth tunes.” Much of the music of today is recorded here. It is also the site of the annual “Wolves Festival,” an event that brings a number of artists to the area for a day of entertainment and enjoyment.

Another popular attraction is the Metro Duluth Botanical Gardens. Here you will see a number of species of plants. In addition, you can also see historic gardens such as those of Eastman and Winslow Plantations. You will also enjoy a stroll through the grounds and view some of the animals that call this area home.

The historic First Presbyterian Church is located here and you can hear the history of Duluth and the area unfold during regular church services. St. Mark’s Place is also another place of interest. Here you will find some beautiful architectural examples of Victorian and Old World architecture. The park itself is considered a wonder of nature.

There are many other activities to consider when you visit Duluth. This area has been said to be one of the best places to raise a family. The parks in the area provide a wonderful way to exercise and to spend time with your children. If you plan to visit Duluth for a second or third time, there is no doubt that you will come away happy and impressed with the many aspects of this interesting history.