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Lawrenceville is home to many of the finest festivals of the South. A number of these festivals have been held every year in the town of Lawrenceville. They are a combination of professional musicians along with some of the best local and regional bands and artists. The caliber of performers is much higher at these festivals than anywhere else, as well as the congenial environment makes for a great time in Lawrenceville GA.

These festivals attract thousands of visitors every year. Many visitors bring friends and family to visit the festivals, while others simply pass through on their way to some of the finest southern Georgia attractions. Many of these festivals are designed to coincide with various holidays and observances, which is why you will find a wide variety of offerings during these special months.

Jazz lovers will be thrilled with the offerings at the Jazz Fest and the Bluegrass Festival. Dance lovers will enjoy the festivals of the Arts and Music Festival. Food lovers will find the BBQ and Music Fest, with its excellent array of local and regional food, and fine dining, just around the corner. several other festivals throughout the year, these are some of the more popular ones. As you travel around this wonderful area looking at all these festivals, you will no doubt come across even more.

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