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Historical Overview of Lawrenceville GA | Bynum & Sons Plumbing
Lawrenceville is a suburb of Atlanta, situated in Gwinnett County, Georgia. It has a population of 29,873 and it is located approximately 30 miles northeast of downtown Atlanta. The city of Lawrenceville was incorporated on December 15, 1821, only three years after Gwinnett County was formed. This city is now the county seat of Gwinnett County and the oldest city in Metro Atlanta.

Beginnings of Lawrenceville

he name Lawrenceville was given to the city after Captain James Lawrence, who was a war hero during the war of 1812. The city of Lawrenceville thrived after the war and the settlers were committed to creating a robust and viable community. Settlers chose the area of Lawrenceville because of its great location as it was nearby several springs. Today, the original town square is still the heart of Downtown. In 1824 the courthouse was built and the adjacent property was laid out. During this time, the farming community also took shape and started to expand. Dry goods were purchased and produce and livestock were sold by the local farmers who came to town. The original courthouse was unfortunately ruined in a fire in 1871 but it was later restored. Today it is a Romanesque-style building, designed by a Boston architect E.G. Lin. A reminder of the courthouse is the small balcony on the front corner of this building, which was previously used to summon jurors from the square before the completion of the Gwinnett Justice Center in 1988.

Economy and Development

The early residents of Lawrenceville used to farm with cotton or benefit from the cotton industry and the Lawrenceville Manufacturing Company was the first cotton factory in town.

The rural economy was also fueled by lumber, corn, livestock, and brick manufacturing.

Unfortunately, the Lawrenceville Manufacturing Company burned down during the Civil War, but another one was built in its place.

In the early 1800s pests, boll weevils destroyed a large part of the cotton crops, which caused the cotton prices to plummet and the dairy farm industry to start developing.

The railroad was also constructed in the late 1800s and made it possible to transport people and freight from the eastern seaboard, establishing the city of Lawrenceville as a valuable transportation hub.

Modern History

Gwinnett County was frequently ranked among the fastest-growing counties in the USA after Atlanta started to boom. Many of the quieter cities, including Lawrenceville, expanded during that time. By the year 2005, the city of Lawrenceville expanded quite a bit and started to gain new life. The rich history of Lawrenceville can be seen through period buildings and landmarks located mostly in the downtown district. The Gwinnett Historic Courthouse, for instance, is home to the Gwinnett Historical Society and is often used for hosting weddings. This city also offers a great education system for its residents. The Georgia Gwinnett College was the first four-year public college in the nation, which opened in 2006. This college appeals to many students, educators, professionals, and business leaders. Here you will also find a liberal arts institution that offers bachelor and associate degrees and graduate programs. There are also various educational facilities in Lawrenceville that focus on anything from sports to services.

Final Word

The city still attracts plenty of new residents as it is a great place to live, work, and socialize.  Anything from shopping, dining, and entertainment, including the Aurora Theatre, can all be found within walking distance in the city of Lawrenceville, GA. This article is presented to you by Bynum & Sons Plumbing, Inc., Lawrenceville GA septic tank pumping.

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