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If you’re looking for a fun family vacation in Georgia, look no further than Lawrenceville. Located approximately thirty miles north of Atlanta, it is the largest city and county seat of Gwinnett County. As of today, the population of Lawrenceville is approximately 28, irts. In later years, it is anticipated that the rate of increase of this city will continue to increase at an increasing rate.

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With the warm and humid summers, Lawrenceville has been known as one of the most popular places to vacation. This family destination offers everything from museums and art galleries to golf courses, tennis courts, swimming pools, hiking trails, and movie theaters. The city is also home to a major military base, which is why there are many jobs in this area as well as high growth in the economy.

There are several family attractions located near this vibrant city. Two of these attractions are the Lawrenceville Zoo and the Georgia Botanical Garden. The zoo features many exotic species of animals and birds, while the garden features plants and gardens of all types. Both of these attractions are excellent for families and are worth visiting.

When traveling around Lawrenceville, there is plenty to see and do. The Crystal Springs Resort Casino is located just west of town. The Crystal Springs Resort Casino has beautiful accommodations as well as a casino. Dining at the Crystal Springs Resort Casino provides one with gambling entertainment as well as dining. Other activities to consider while in Lawrenceville include horseback riding, biking, hiking, swimming, golfing, and visiting the Georgia Botanical Garden.

To get a true feeling of the American South, one should not miss a visit to the historic Seven Brothers Road. This road was made known as the Home of Seven Brothers when it was discovered by an English farmer. This road has been restored to its original appearance and features a plantation house, schoolhouses, a jail, cottages, and homes. This unique area of Lawrenceville GA is very eerie as it takes you back in time. If you enjoy history, this is an enjoyable way to spend your vacation.

While there are many attractions in Lawrenceville, Georgia that would be ideal for families, these are two of the most popular. With so many different activities, Lawrenceville has something for everyone. These two great attractions located just east of Atlanta are sure to make your holiday either a relaxing or exciting one. You may want to spend a day or two at either location or even some time in between. Whatever your interests, you will find many great things to do in and around Lawrenceville.

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