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Suwanee Georgia is located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. This area has been a popular tourist destination for generations and its early history, from its incorporation to the present, is the stuff of legends. There are several magnificent old-age homes and museums all throughout Suwanee. Suwanee is home to five museums which are listed below.

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Suwanee History Museum: This museum traces the history of Suwanee, including both the Georgian and American periods. It includes a reconstruction of what an American family would have slept in between centuries. This lovely museum contains a large exhibition of the furniture used by the first settlers of Suwanee Georgia. There is also a reproduction of a beautiful Georgian home. Additional items include a home calendar and historical photographs.

Suwanee Railroad Museum: This museum traces the history of the Suwanee Railroad, which operated throughout the early parts of the twentieth century. The emphasis is on the railroad’s impact on the local economy. The exhibits include a reenactment of the railroad’s early days and the history of Suwanee steel. This is a great educational experience for those who love history.

Suwanee Medical History Museum: Suwanee has a long and storied history of medical care. This museum explores the impact the history of medicine had on Suwanee’s culture. This is a good learning experience for students interested in medical subjects. Some interesting exhibits include a reconstructed room from a nineteenth-century surgery.

Suwanee Art Museum: The Suwanee Art museum is another great educational experience. This museum is devoted to the promotion of art in Suwanee Georgia. The emphasis is on the works of local artists and they welcome people of all ages to attend. This museum also offers free admission.

Suwanee is a great destination for tourists. There are a number of great tourist attractions near the town including Suwanee River National Recreation Area, Suwanee City Park, Suwanee Georgia Aquarium, historic Suwanee Hotel, and Plantation, and more. Because of all these factors, Suwanee is a great place for a vacation.

Suwanee GA Hotels: Suwanee offers many different types of hotels for visitors. This includes economical motels as well as luxury properties. There are even hotels that offer a complimentary breakfast each morning. These types of hotels make guest’s stay easy because there are so many things to do in the area.

Suwanee GA Bed & Breakfast: Suwanee GA Bed & Breakfasts are great places to stay in this area of Georgia. The town is close to all the tourist attractions, but it is also conveniently close to some of the best restaurants in the world. Many of these beds and breakfasts are located in beautiful old buildings that date back to the late nineteenth century. Guests can explore this historic town at any time of the day or night.

Suwanee is a great place to visit. Suwanee GA has some of the most beautiful gardens in the world. The area is home to some wonderful older historic homes that are beautiful in their charm. This makes Suwanee GA a favorite tourist destination.

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