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There are several different kinds of museums, and you will find that the best museums tend to be the ones that display objects and events from the history of the area. If you are looking for a museum that is housed in an historical area, there are some very good options that you might consider. For example, the Natural History Museum is one of the best museums to visit if you are in Lawrenceville. This particular museum has a very strong focus on the natural world around us. It is filled with exhibits that focus on everything from our early Earth to the dinosaurs that inhabited the area thousands of years ago. There is also a massive amount of knowledge that is housed in the museum, which means that it is always full of interesting new things to learn.

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Another one of the great museums to visit in Lawrenceville is the Atlanta History Center. It is a three million dollar museum that is focused on telling the history of the state of Georgia. Many people that visit Lawrenceville often take time to tour the museum because they get so involved in the stories that are told there. There are many exhibits here that allow you to learn many fascinating details about the early inhabitants of the state and how they lived out their lives there.

If you are interested in other types of museums, such as art museums, you will find that there are several of them here in Lawrenceville. One very nice one is the Berry Museum of Art which was built by the famous blues musician and entertainer Blind Willie McTell. You will also find several other great exhibits here that allow you to see things like the Tarzan’s Tree of Life, the first African American wooden statue and an original wax museum. These museums should make any history fan happy.

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