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Lawrenceville GA has some great tourist attractions that are sure to thrill any visitor to the small city of this Atlanta suburb. Many people travel to Lawrenceville each year to enjoy all of its outdoor activities, beautiful scenery, and historic sites. The Lawrenceville National Historic Area has a wide variety of Civil War battlefields, museums, and historic landmarks. Some of the most famous include the Horseshoe Run Battle Site, Sevenney Park, and the historic Daffin Plaza.

Tourist attractions in Lawrenceville GA also include many theaters and concert venues. Atlanta is known for its live music scenes, and the town of Lawrenceville has preserved and enhanced its recording history. With studios and recording studios dotting the landscape, tourists can find a concert or performance any time they stop in. Other local events feature sports teams, community festivals, food festivals, and film festivals. Lawrenceville is also home to a multitude of museums and historical landmarks.

One of the largest shopping areas in the city is located at Third Avenue Street. It is where one can find anything from national chains like Circuit City, Best Buy, Crate & Barrel, and Office Max to individual-friendly shops and boutiques. Tourist attractions in Lawrenceville GA can be found just a short distance from the city’s famous clubs and restaurants. Nearby attractions include the historic Lawrenceville Memorial Library and Botanical Gardens. Tourist attractions in Lawrenceville GA make this small town an ideal destination for all types of travelers.

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