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Nightlife is a major part of Lawrenceville’s entertainment scene, and there are literally dozens of bars and pubs that are open all night long. One of the best things about Lawrenceville is that there is never a lack of food options. There are tons of great restaurants and cafes that are located near some of the bars in Lawrenceville. From late night buffets and cocktail receptions to sushi and Asian fusion bars, you will find a lot of great restaurants in Lawrenceville that specialize in making fresh and tasty food. Some of the most popular restaurants in town include Sapphire Lotus, Bobby Flay’s and Bombay Sapphire.

The one-story Country Club houses a number of guestrooms that house more than 25 people. This is a great place for groups to get drunk and play pool or darts. Another one of the must-try bars in Lawrenceville is the Lucky Strike, which is known for its down-to-earth bar snacks. You can choose from the vegetarian selections to the meatballs and deli sandwiches. Other popular bar snacks at the Lucky Strike include Greek omelets, chicken wings and grilled corn.

If you are looking for some down-to-earth fun, check out the Lazy Meadow Bar and Grille. The bar features live music every night, as well as pool and billiards. There are also several other live music events happening every week. For more casual drinking and dancing, check out the Temptations Garage doors are open all night long, providing dance lessons to locals and visitors. If you are looking for a great place to score some cheap alcohol, grab a beer at the Broken Skull Tavern before heading over to Temptations.

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