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About the City of Suwanee, GA | Bynum & Sons Plumbing, Inc.
The city of Suwanee is located in the state of Georgia in the USA and it is home to about 19 549 people. The friendly community of Suwanee is still expanding and they are committed to maintaining a high quality of life and being a great family town. Therefore, this city is considered to be one of the most desirable places in Georgia to live in and raise a family.

Beginnings of the City

Like many towns in Georgia, Suwanee was a Native American village before settlers arrived. And once they settled in and more people started to come and live there, the village transformed into a small agricultural town. Later on, when the post office was finally brought to the area, the U.S government established and officially recognized the area in 1837 as the city of Suwanee. The city of Suwanee saw the Georgia Air Line Railroad being built in 1871, which ran right through the city, and in 1880 the Rhodes House hotel was erected so that the passengers of the railroad could be accommodated. These new constructions helped to attract people to town and generate trade and economic activity.

Development and Growth of Suwanee

The Buford Highway, one of the most important roads in the city today, was constructed in Suwanee between 1933 and 1936. In addition to that, primary education schools started opening in great numbers and up until today, many more have been opened, including the North Gwinnett High School and the Suwanee Elementary School. In the early 1960s, the first city hall was built and the second one followed in 1997. The Town Center as we see it today was constructed in 2009.

Suwanee Today

Today, the community of Suwanee works hard to keep the charm of the city as well as the close neighborhood atmosphere.

Together, the residents of Suwanee, GA continue to expand this city in smart and innovative ways and make it better every day.

The Atlanta Regional Commission recognized the town of Suwanee as a Green Community in 2017 as this city is committed to environmental awareness and sustainable practices.

In Suwanee, one will find many distinctive parks and high-quality mixed-use developments.

Several annual events are also held in this city, attracting huge crowds, such as, for example, the American Craft Beer Festival, Glow in the Park, Star 94 Woofstock, Suwanee Sweetheart Sprint, and many more.

There is no lack of open space in Suwanee as it has 600 acres of parkland and many miles of walking and biking trails, where most of the areas are very well-preserved.

The Town Center of Suwanee, GA offers a vibrant scene where visitors and residents can gather for events, relaxation, entertainment, shopping, and dining.

Final Thought

Almost anyone will be able to fit into the community of Suwanee as the city offers a variety of housing options that fit various lifestyles.

The city also offers a lot of different amenities, cultural activities, events, and it will undoubtedly provide anyone who comes or lives here great entertainment and a high quality of life.

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