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Bars In Suwanee Georgia - Three Good Ones | Bynum & Sons Plumbing, Inc.

Suwanee Georgia is the home of many great Georgia bars and restaurants. Suwanee is a vibrant city filled with fun and outdoor activities as well as some of the best Georgia fine dining. Some of the more popular Suwanee Georgia Bars and Restaurants include:

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Joe Mulch Grill & Tavern – This is a great place for a date or special event. With lots of outdoor seating, it makes for a wonderful spot to enjoy your meal. There are many tables available with free bar beverages, plenty of room for entertaining. They also have a special dinner club that features some of the best meals in Suwanee.

The Grog – This bar has been around for years and is still a favorite. You can enjoy a cocktail on this lovely comfortable porch. There is no shortage of things to do here from playing miniature golf to enjoying the beautiful scenery that this area is known for. If you love the outdoors this is the bar for you.

Panjy’s Restaurant and Lounge – This is another place that is popular in Suwanee Georgia. You will find that the prices at Panjy’s are reasonable and the food is fabulous. Many of the guest rooms in the hotel have fantastic views of the nearby mountains and are close to several restaurants, shops, and entertainment options. A nice restaurant, bar, and lounge make this a nice place to stay while enjoying the beautiful Georgia countryside.

Bald Head Inn – This is a great place to take family and friends if you’re looking for some good country nightlife. There are many bars, restaurants, and other attractions in this quiet area. There are some wonderful pool tables and billiards tables available for rent at the inn. Many of the guest rooms have their own fireplaces or other types of wood-burning fireplaces. There are pool tables, card tables, and other games available for rent at the Bald Head Inn.

The Broken Plate – This bar has a long history in Suwanee Georgia. When the proprietors opened the bar, they decided to name it The Broken Plate because they didn’t want to sound alcoholic. This is a bar that many drinkers return to on a regular basis. The atmosphere is lively with live music and great service. The Broken Plate offers entertaining specials and various events throughout the year.

The Eagle Nest Bar – This is another favorite Suwanee Georgia bar. It is located off Old Stone Road in the center of Suwanee. There are many stories about the origin of the name, but the truth is that it is a story in a folk tale about a Native American who lived in this area. This bar offers live entertainment as well as several local drafts and some delicious food.

The Eagle’s Nest Lounge – If you are looking for a quiet night then this is the right place for you. There are four bars in total, which means that there are twenty-four hours of great dancing. You can go to the bars from the pool or any other convenient location. There are sixteen different restaurants that you can eat at and twelve beer shops that you can visit. There are many great places to hang out in Suwanee Georgia.

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