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Can Rain Damage Your Septic System? | Bynum & Sons Plumbing, Inc.
Can rain damage your septic system

Can Heavy Rain Damage Your Septic System?

A septic system is a vital component of any household. Every time you flush the toilet, turn on the tap or do the laundry, it takes effect. So, considering its major role, it’s very important that it is regularly and properly taken care of.

One of the biggest reasons for this is the rains. When heavy rains ensue, your septic system could be in great danger, as rainfall can cause long-term problems and severe damage. But by understanding the exact effects that it can have on your system, you will find it easier to prevent possible issues on time.

First, let’s see how heavy rain can wreak havoc on your septic system.

Excess Water Flow

Your septic tank is made to take in a particular amount of wastewater from your household. But when that wastewater is combined with heavy rainfall, your system accommodates much more liquid than it was designed to. This can make your septic tank fill up too fast and cause water to overwhelm your drain field.

Clogged Drain Field

As already mentioned, heavy rainfall poses a threat to your system as it most commonly collects around your drain field. In this instance, the drain field is no longer capable of absorbing wastewater as it’s already soaked. Therefore, since the water has nowhere to go, it backs up and overflows your tank, which can lead to a variety of issues with your drains, pipes, and foul odors.

Groundwater Pollution

Due to severe rainstorms, it can also be difficult for the drain field to adequately purify water. When overly saturated, the waste won’t be able to pass through the soil. Moreover, it is likely to seep out ahead of time, before it was purified. Following this, the wastewater then piles up by the drain field and makes its way into groundwater, likely polluting streams and other water sources in the vicinity.

How to Reduce the Risk of Potential Problems Due to Heavy Rain?

While heavy rains can cause serious damage to your septic system, there are preventative steps you can take to minimize the damage. Here are the most important ones.

  • Proper septic maintenance. This means having your septic tank regularly inspected and pumped in order to catch wind of any (minor or major) issues.
  • Be mindful of what goes down the drain. Also, never put grease, chemicals, oil, and fat in there, as it can only clog the drain.
  • Redirect runoff water and make sure it never merges with your wastewater. In addition, always keep your gutters away from the drain field as well.
  • Careful what you flush. Don’t flush any feminine products, your baby’s diapers, or even paper towels. Your septic system is designed to disintegrate only human waste and toilet paper.
  • Save water. It is always a wise move to conserve water but even more so during heavy rainfall. This is the perfect time to give your system a much-needed break by avoiding (or at least limiting) showers, baths, or doing your laundry, if possible.

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