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As one of the most important systems in your home, your septic tank requires proper maintenance. That’s where Bynum & Sons Plumbing, Inc. comes in. We are your number one septic tank pumping company in Duluth, GA and the surrounding areas, providing the best and most comprehensive septic tank pumping services.

Our expert technicians are licensed and insured, and they will make sure your septic tank runs smoothly and efficiently. If you’re unsure whether your tank requires pumping, contact our septic service specialists in Duluth as soon as possible. They will examine the state of your plumbing system and determine the best course of action.

At Bynum & Sons Plumbing, Inc., we put great emphasis on customer service, so you can rest assured that we will always meet your expectations regardless of your septic tank needs. Our company is family-owned and the decades of experience in the septic tank business make us the best choice for all of your septic tank needs in Duluth and the surrounding areas.

Septic Cleaning

Over time, sludge, solid waste, and bacteria will accumulate at the bottom of your septic tank, which can be dangerous if not professionally removed in time. If you can smell foul odors from your drains or notice pooling water around your drain field, it’s high time to contact licensed Duluth plumbers from one of the best septic companies.

Trust our expert team of specialists to pump all the waste from your tank and refresh your septic tank for all future use. We are extremely efficient and mindful of your property while offering affordable rates and free estimates in all of Duluth and the surrounding areas.

The most common factors that affect how often you may need septic tank pumping include the number of persons in your home or commercial building, the size of your septic tank, and the utilization of wastewater. Our excellent septic clean out methods, as well as our state-of-the-art equipment, guarantee you a job well done and a perfectly functioning plumbing system.

Septic Inspections

Apart from septic tank installations, septic cleaning, and septic tank repair, our comprehensive set of septic system services Duluth GA also includes septic tank inspection. To ensure the best possible service and thorough inspections, we use digital camera technology to measure the exact scope of scum levels in your tank and determine if there’s any structural damage.

If you are not certain that your septic tank is in functional shape, contact us today and we’ll take care of all your septic tank needs. At Bynum & Sons Plumbing, Inc., we are dedicated to high-quality workmanship and offering the best septic tank pumping services in Duluth, GA.

Why Choose Bynum & Sons Plumbing, Inc.?

What separates Bynum & Sons Plumbing, Inc. from the competition?

  • Bynum & Sons Plumbing, Inc. is a family-owned plumbing and septic services company.
  • At Bynum & Sons Plumbing, Inc. all estimates are reviewed personally by Scott Bynum for final approval before being finalized.
  • We treat all of our clients and their homes or commercial buildings with respect.

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