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Lift Station Maintenance Prevents City Sewer Disasters

When it comes to the modern municipal sewer system, lift stations are a critical component. These units are responsible for pumping raw sewage from lower elevation land to higher land so that the sewage can end up at the city sewer plant where it belongs. Lift stations are designed to work smoothly and efficiently – as long as they are properly maintained. Without routine pumping and cleaning, the lift station can fail and cause disruptive sewage problems throughout the city or town.

Lift stations contain a wet well that accumulates the wastewater or raw sewage from nearby buildings. This is waste that can’t make it into the city sewer system by natural means. The lift station is the interventional assistance it needs. The wet well holds the sewage until it is ready to be pumped to higher elevations. Lift stations contain screens to remove coarse materials, pumps, alarm systems, odor control and ventilation components. While all of these parts need to be checked on a routine basis, it is the cleaning and pumping of a lift station that is critical.

Just like a septic tank that constantly holds wastewater, a lift station can accumulate solid sludge, oil and other materials that penetrate the filter but are too thick for the pump to move it uphill. This can clog the lift station and impair its function. In order to avoid serious problems throughout the city, a lift station pumping must be scheduled on a timely basis.

A primary sign of trouble is the sounding of the alarm. This signals that the wet well is at risk for overflowing and the lift station needs emergency attention. While an urgent service call from a professional plumber can often remedy the bad situation, it is best to avoid the risk altogether. This is done by simply making sure the lift station is pumped and cleaned on a schedule.

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