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Museums In Duluth Georgia | Bynum & Sons Plumbing, Inc.

In Duluth Georgia, there are many museums to visit. These museums are very diverse and offer something for everyone. There are museums for children, the young at heart, and adults just looking to relax with their families. The Museum of Northern Duluth focuses on the history of the area along the ice coast. Here you will find a recreation center complete with an interpretive center and house museum.

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For the art lover, there are many places to visit. The Kenan Research Center has a large exhibit of civil and historic antiques. There is also a large private collection of art called the Macklin Art Collection. Next door to these is the Eastwood Gallery which is home to a variety of local arts and crafts. The Strand gallery features new and used books and other items that would not be displayed in many other places.

There are museums for all seasons. There is the Woodstock Archaeological Society, which has an exhibit dedicated to the civil war. You can see a rare collection of weapons from the war. Another popular summer attraction is the Duluth International Raceway. This racetrack offers many indoor and outdoor attractions for families.

The Coast Carolina Museum is another excellent choice for a family vacation. This museum features one of North Carolina’s largest collections of shells and other sea life. You will see rare species of coral reefs. Other exhibits in this museum include dinosaur toys, fire equipment, and a railway train. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has a marine habitat where you can learn about the natural environment of the coastal area. Several free exhibits are offered at this site as well.

There are many historic sites to explore while you are in Duluth. There are museums dedicated to the early railroads in the area, the first post office in the area, and the Wright Brothers’ birthplace. There are also historical societies that can take visitors on a walking tour of the history of the area. One of the most visited museums here is the St. Paul’s Cathedral. Tourists frequently stop by here to see the famous “Man in Black” statue.

The Aquarium at West Duluth offers an array of aquatic creatures to observe. There are many live fish displays to view along with tropical fish, saltwater fish, and many varieties of tropical plants. There are also displays of marine life, and you can enjoy a bit of shopping at the aquarium store. A great way to end your trip is to visit the Wild Dunes National Park. Here you can enjoy the sand dunes and walk through a part of the facility that is closed to the public.

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