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Top 6 Tips for Finding the Best Plumber for Your Home

We’ve all, at some point, experienced unexpected plumbing issues at the worst possible time. Things like the water heater acting up, garbage disposal not turning on, and, at the same time, dealing with clogged drains. And in those moments, you just don’t know who to call to save the day. Sound familiar?

When caught off-guard with one or more of these unforeseen plumbing problems, the last thing you have is time to waste on finding the right expert. And making a rash decision about hiring a reliable plumber can easily backfire. 

So, the best thing to do is to spend some time finding one that checks all the important boxes before an emergency happens. That way, you’ll have a certified expert on call in case of another unexpected mishap and prevent a potentially stressful situation from becoming even worse.

Read on and find out how to find a plumbing expert who’s professional, experienced, and capable of providing a high-quality service every single time.


Make Sure They Are Licensed and Insured

The very first thing you should do before hiring anyone to take on your plumbing problems is to make sure that they are licensed and insured. It’s always smart to check their certifications, especially if they are required to have specific state plumbing licenses. You don’t want to take any chances when it comes to your home. 


Check How Long They’ve Been in the Business

Having a plumber with a lot of experience under their belt is almost a guarantee that they’ll be able to find and resolve the issue quickly and efficiently. You need someone who’ll know where the weak points are and the best way to go about them, no matter the scope of the problem. Make sure to hire an expert who’s dealt with a wide range of plumbing mishaps because nothing is as reassuring as years of experience on the job.


Inquire About a Written Estimate

A trustworthy and quality plumber should only provide you with an estimate after they have thoroughly assessed the issue at hand. Only after they’ve successfully pinpointed the problem should you be given a written estimate. So, before any work commences, be sure to ask for an inspection and an estimate, and check that the estimate includes labor and part costs.


Look Up Their Online Reviews

Another simple thing that you can do is check for their online testimonials to see what their former clients are saying about their work. This is something you can easily use to your advantage as it will help you weed out unreliable experts. Just do a quick Google search of the plumbing company you’re interested in, see what the majority of people are saying, and that will likely tell you all you need to know.


See if They Have Proper Equipment

It’s important that the plumbing company you’re relying on is using the proper tools and technology in their work. Having the latest drain cleaners, pumps, and cameras ensures that they’ll be able to handle any type of job you need them for. You want an expert who works at the highest industry standards so that you can feel comfortable having them in and around your home.


Ask for Personal Referrals

And lastly, don’t hesitate to ask your friends, neighbors, and co-workers about who they turn to for their plumbing needs. This will give you a clear idea of who you can truly trust to provide you with reliable service in the area. This might just help you find your go-to expert who’ll continue to take excellent care of all your plumbing needs for years to come.


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