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Sump Pump Problems: Causes and Solutions

Sump pump is a crucial part of your home as it serves to prevent basement floods, whether they are caused by a plumbing leak or a storm.

Failure of the sump pump, therefore, in many cases leads to basement flooding and expensive damages. Serious problems can even be caused by just a small amount of water, including unpleasant mold problems.

Don’t wait for your basement to get wet to start dealing with your sump pump problems. Understanding some common issues can often help you avoid them, so read on and learn about the causes and solutions for the six most common sump pump problems.


Overwhelmed Sump Pump

Cause: Sometimes, your sump pump may be too small to handle a lot of water, especially during heavy rain. In these cases, one sump pump is often not enough. It will not be able to discharge the water at an optimal rate, and there will be more water coming in or collecting inside than the pump is able to handle and pump out.

Solution: Change your sump pump for a bigger one and add a backup sump pump. Sometimes you may also need an extra pump mounted in the corners of your basement.


No Water in the Sump Pit

Cause: Lack of water in the sump pump indicates that the pump has been installed incorrectly or hasn’t been connected to your drainage system. If the drain tile is clogged or non-existent, it will not channel the water correctly and discharge it properly into the pit. If this is the case, the sump pump will not be able to keep your basement dry.

Solution: You need to call your sump pump repair company to check and repair your drainage system. And if you don’t have one, be sure to have it installed.


Clogged Sump Pump

Cause: Your sump pump can get clogged in many ways, and as a result, stop extracting water from your basement efficiently. Sometimes, the sump pit gets clogged with debris and dirt, other times mechanical parts get dirty and clogged, or the switches get tangled and jammed. This will cause your sump pump to either completely stop working or to get stuck and keep working non-stop.

Solution: An expert needs to inspect your sump and either repair or replace it. It is also important to have your sump pump covered with a lid to prevent debris accumulation and to prevent water from evaporating back into the basement.


Clogged or Frozen Discharge Lines

Cause: A discharge pipe carries water from the sump pump to the outside of your home. Discharge pipes may get clogged with roots, rocks, dirt, and other debris. Additionally, in winter, the water in the discharge pipe may freeze, thus also clogging the system.

Solution: Make sure that your discharge pipe doesn’t freeze and remains clean. You can have your expert insulate the discharge pipe or even cover it with some natural insulators, such as hay. And to prevent debris from getting in and clogging the entire system, you can install a cover at the end of the pipe.


Power Outage to the Sump Pump

Cause: A sump pump can lose power for several reasons. The circuit breaker may be defective, the pump may be unplugged, or there may be a general power outage. Whatever the reason, the pump will not run without power.

Solution: The best solution is to have some backup! We recommend a battery-operated, high-capacity backup sump pump installed in your basement.


Sump Pump Is Running All the Time

Cause: If the sump pump runs continuously, you need to troubleshoot this problem before the overworking pump burns out entirely. Sometimes, the pump runs all the time due to problems with the switches. Other times, it’s just too small to handle the job, or the check valve is broken or missing.

Solution: A continuously running sump pump can fail seriously, especially when needed the most, e.g., during heavy rains. Get an expert to check your sump pump before severe weather comes to your area.


Contact Your Local Septic Services Experts

If your sump pump is not running properly or needs an upgrade, contact Bynum & Sons Plumbing for a sump pump inspection!

We’ll evaluate your crawl space or basement and provide an estimate for a repair or installation of a brand-new sump pump system in your home.