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Is It Time to Pump Your Septic Tank?

Your septic tank is one of the largest and most important systems in your home. Unfortunately, since they are underground and out of sight, they often get neglected until something goes wrong. Septic tanks can be an efficient and hassle-free plumbing solution, but their routine maintenance needs are non-negotiable. A septic tank pumping is the single most important thing you can do for the operation and longevity of your septic tank. Septic tanks need to be pumped periodically in order to get rid of the solid waste and layer of scum that forms at the bottom and top of your tank over time. If septic pumping is ignored, the consequences can be quite disruptive and costly.

Signs You Need to Schedule a Septic Pumping

In order to avoid serious plumbing problems and unplanned expenses, it is best to schedule a septic tank pumping with a professional on a 3 to 5 year basis. However, the timetable of your septic tank maintenance depends on factors such as the size and age of the tank as well as the number of occupants in your home. Beyond looking at your calendar, there are some ways that your septic tank might tell you that it’s time to be pumped.

Here are common warning signs that a septic pumping appointment should be added to your calendar promptly:

Sluggish Draining/Flushing – Are your tubs, showers or toilets operating slower than they used to? This is one of the most innocent signs of a full septic tank, but one that shouldn’t be ignored. Slow drains and “less energetic” toilets can be corrected with a septic tank pumping.

Foul Odor – A less pleasant warning sign is the stubborn presence of an odor coming from your drains and toilets. If a sulphur-like smell is overtaking your home, call for a septic tank pumping quickly.

Unexpected Lush and Green Grass Over Drainfield – If the turf over your drainfield looks especially healthier and more vibrant than the rest of your lawn, you may have a septic tank problem. This could be an indication that the drainfield is getting more fertilizer from excessive wastewater. Your green grass is likely to be the only benefit, and a septic tank pumping must be ordered to avoid serious and hazardous issues.

Standing or Pooling Water in Lawn – When a septic tank is full, water can overflow and begin to pool in certain places on your property, especially the drainfield or the area closest to the tank itself.

Sewage Backup – Last but certainly not least, a sewage backup in your home is the most obvious and most disruptive warning sign of all. Neglecting to notice other symptoms or skipping your routine septic maintenance can most certainly result in raw sewage into your home – a messy, costly and stressful situation to handle.

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