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What Should You Expect During a Septic Tank Pumping? | Bynum & Sons Plumbing, Inc.

What Should You Expect During a Septic Tank Pumping?

Pumping your septic tank probably isn’t something you think about all that often, but in reality, this is a process that is very necessary for your septic system to run smoothly.

Regularly maintaining your tank is a worthwhile move, as it will help you avoid unexpected costly repairs down the road. 

But what exactly does a septic tank pumping include and what should you be prepared for during the process? Read on to find out.

Finding the Tank’s Access Point

The first step is locating your septic tank’s access point. Usually, all you will have to do is show your septic contractor where the tank is located. To find it, just look for lid covers or manholes.

However, if you are not sure where it is or cannot find it, your septic tank specialists will help you with this.

Once the tank is located, they will then go on to find and expose access points, i.e., the outlet pipe, and first make sure there aren’t any issues with the drain field. If the liquid level isn’t too high, it means the drain field is fine.

Pumping the Tank

Following that, the pumper then carefully lowers the vacuum hose inside the manhole. The hose is attached to the vacuum truck and it will then proceed to suck out all the liquids and solids from the tank. After this is done, the technician takes another look to ensure there isn’t any backflow from the pipe, which would be signified by sagging in the drain field.

Thoroughly Inspecting the Tank

In the final steps, the technician takes one final look around to search for any possible problems or damage, such as roots or corrosion. In case there are any, they will notify you and offer the most appropriate solutions.

Everyday Maintenance

After a septic tank pumping, it is recommended to take simple everyday steps to ensure that your system remains fully functional for as long as possible. The way to do that is by making sure only to flush toilet paper and wastewater. Under no circumstances should you flush paper towels, feminine hygiene products, and such, as this will only clog your septic system.

Reducing the Workload for the Septic System

Another thing that will be helpful is making sure that you don’t have any leaking toilets or faucets in your home. Being mindful of water consumption in your household in general is a smart thing to do, from using water while brushing your teeth, to doing laundry or shaving. This step helps reduce workload for your septic system, which will, in turn, run smoothly and last longer.

Final Thought

If you require a septic tank pumping or any other septic tank and plumbing services, don’t hesitate to call Bynum Bynum & Sons Plumbing, Inc! Why should you choose us? Because we are a family-owned plumbing and septic services company that treats all of our clients and their homes or commercial buildings with the utmost respect. Our mission is to give our customers the best, most reliable, and highest quality services in all of Georgia.